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Who we are

Capitol Awning and Capitol Inner Window Logogs

Capitol InnerWindow is a sister company to Capitol Awning.  Capitol Awning has been operating in the Richmond, VA area since 1930.  It has established a solid reputation for high quality products, professional installation, and the best warranties in the industry.  As the premier awning company in the area, Capitol has specialized in keeping customers cool and comfortable during the hot Richmond summers.  With Capitol InnerWindow, we plan to keep Richmond warm and comfortable during the cooler months as well. 

Capitol InnerWindow is located near Willow Lawn shopping center, sharing space and personnel with Capitol Awning.  We do all the window work ourselves, from measuring the windows, to cutting the frame and acrylic, to installing the windows in your home.  Many of our employees have prior experience in the window industry having worked at another  interior window company operating in the Richmond area during the 1990s.  In addition, we have partnered with Climate Seal™, a national interior window manufacturer with a 30 year history in the field, to provide our framing materials.  Combining the collective window experience of our employees, the technical expertise and years of experience of Climate Seal, and the solid reputation of Capitol Awning, Capitol InnerWindow is ready and eager to meet your window needs.

For nearly 30 years, this interior window system, utilizing the Climate Seal™ frame design, has built a reputation for being the most effective and versatile interior window system on the market.  Performance, ease of use and aesthetic invisibility has been the product’s cornerstone since its creation.  With this solid reputation, Climate Seal™ window systems have been installed in some of America’s most historic landmarks, museums and National Park Service projects. 

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