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Inner window upgrades

(1) Acoustic Upgrade: Protection from Excessive Noise

InnerWindows create a sound barrier between your home and the outside world.  The air space created between the original window and the InnerWindow keeps 60% of disturbing exterior noises outside.   In situations where excessive noise is present such as a nearby busy street or flight path, InnerWindows offers an Acoustic upgrade for some or all of your windows.  Building on our original model, the Acoustic Upgrade adds additional sound abatement across all frequency levels.  Acoustic InnerWindows achieve up to an 80% sound reduction with an STC rating as high as 49.  This is accomplished through our utilization of heavier weight acrylic combined with high performance, closed cell acoustical foam.

Sound Reduction Chart

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(2) SunGuard Upgrade: Additional UV Protection

InnerWindows block 85% of the sun’s harmful UV light, protecting your textiles and artwork.  We also offer additional UV protection with our SunGuard Upgrade.  With SunGuard, your InnerWindows will block 98% of the UV light.  SunGuard is particularly appropriate in museum settings.

(3) Custom Color Upgrade

Standard InnerWindows framing colors are white and brown.  For most applications, these colors blend seamlessly into the existing window frame.  If a specific color is preferable, we will custom match and paint the frame to your specifications.

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