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Inner window testimonials

From:  The Lee Family, Athol, MA: “We are thrilled with our Climate Seal interior storm windows. After getting estimates for replacement windows in our 1930 English Tudor style home, we looked for a more cost-effective way to reduce heat loss. Our single-pane metal windows are all over-sized it was important to preserve the look and style of the period. The Climate SealT system exceeded our expectations, at a cost of less than 25% of our lowest estimate for replacement windows.

Our home is located on the main street in our town. We also have an active railroad that runs behind our home. The reduction in exterior noise is amazing. Not only do we now have a cozy house, it is also peaceful and quiet.

Having the installer come to measure the window openings before ordering was well worth the expense. Your installation team was professional, hard working and a pleasure to have in our home. The cost of the installation labor was incredibly reasonable for the caliber of contractors you sent to us. We are 100% satisfied customers and would recommend the Climate Seal to our families and friends.

Thank you again for being such a pleasure to deal with.”

From: R. Etzcorn, Niles, MI; "You have a very good window system, and the factory was a pleasure to do business with."  "You are a 5 star firm!"

From: D. Patel, Wellsley, MA; I need to let you know that your service was great and it was a pleasure doing business with you and your company. The two gentlemen who came to install the windows were very nice and did the job on a timely basis and most importantly they were clean and were just pleasant people to deal with. Please thank all of them on our behalf for doing a wonderful job. Thank you.

From: Mary Casey, Marblehead, MA; We are quite satisfied with our new interior storm windows. They have made our home feel much cozier and better insulated from the weather and noise outside. The sound insulation is quite significant in some rooms, less so in others but still noticeable. While the windows haven't eliminated road noise, they have muffled it considerably. Overall, the house seems much tighter.

Dealing with you and with your installers was a pleasure. It was easy to communicate with you via e-mail and phone to work out the details of the project, and your installers were great. I love the fact that you handled all aspects of the job, from initial measurement to final installation, even though it required several trips from Maine to our home in Massachusetts. We didn't have to do anything, except write a check! This was a great convenience. Thank you for providing such excellent service.

I'm also appreciative of the fact that you will stand behind your product in the years to come. I know from your professionalism and that of your employees throughout this process that I can count on you to handle any issues that might arise with your product.

From: Laurie Gould, Newton, MA: Thanks for your call. I am happy to report that the Climate Seal™ windows have worked out very well for us. We are pleased with both the look and the performance.

When we inquired about the Climate Seal™ system, we were seeking to achieve several goals. First, we have some unusually-shaped windows in our Victorian house, particularly a large Palladian window in my third-floor home office, for which we had been unable to locate storm windows for many years. Second, our house is located on a busy street, and we were looking for noise proofing in a few key rooms.

The Climate Seal™ windows have helped us to achieve both of these goals. Drafts have been noticeably reduced, and the rooms retain warmth much more effectively. The street noise has been significantly reduced, as well, helping us to create better working and sleeping environments. Further, the windows are virtually unnoticeable, not at all interfering with the appearance and the historic integrity of our home.

The installation was completed by pleasant professionals, who did a fine job and left the house as clean as they found it.

From: Donna D, New York, NY: The folks at Climate Seal™ made the entire process easy to follow and gave me such personal attention that I would recommend them highly to anyone. And, the windows look wonderful.

From: Ricki D, Minneapolis, MN: We installed our windows this weekend and we love them! It makes a huge difference in our sunroom, which was always cold in the winter. Now, I really can't tell the difference between the living room and the sunroom. My boyfriend remarked this morning that the downstairs seemed much warmer. I especially like the ''bellows'' around the edges. Remember, I'd been worried that there might not be a tight fit, but the bellows system takes care of that. Thank you for your wonderful, personalized service! I will recommend your company to my friends here in cold Minnesota.

From: D. Duncan, Malvern, PA: I recently installed my Climate Seal™ windows in two of my kid's rooms and wanted to tell you how absolutely pleased I was with the result. These windows exceeded every one of my expectations. My main problem was with traffic noise outside of our house and when I "snapped" the windows in place it was like closing a soundproof door to a noisy room. This is not an exaggeration, I was so amazed at the sound reduction that I immediately pulled the window off and then put it back on just to experience the dramatic reduction again! Now my kids go to sleep in peace and are not woken up in the early morning hours when the traffic noise begins to build. I want to thank you for producing such a great product and for the exceptional level of service you provided. This was a do-it-yourself job and due to your help and direction it went easily for me. I am also very pleased by the quality and look of these windows. Your product has improved the quality of life in our home and I would not hesitate to recommend these windows to anyone with noise issues.

From: P. Reitz, Ft. Lauderdale, FL: I live on a busy road; actually the Florida Turnpike is in my backyard! I have a two-story home, and the master bedroom is on the second story, facing the turnpike. Well, after several months of trying to get 'used to' the roar of the traffic behind me, I figured that there must be a better solution. I found the Climate Seal™ window, on the Internet, bought about 5 panels, installed them myself, and have for the past two years been able to sleep in near quiet! They actually cut out, for me, about 80% of all noises coming from the outside. My wife thought they would never work, but now she is probably happier with them, than even I am! I have since gone on and installed several of these panels at my neighbors homes, and they also are very happy with the product, and ease of taking off and on! Thank you for the great service and an excellent product.

From: Rod P. Virginia: Wanted to drop you a short note about our Climate Seal™ windows, now that the weather has turned cold, (15 degrees F) and we've had a chance to experience our window performance changes. Performance is excellent and Shelley (wife) tells me we are burning much less wood to maintain 70 degrees on the first floor, compared to previous years. Our wood stove is located in the basement, with floor mounted grates circulating air in/out of the basement via temp controlled fan. Keeps the second floor at 62 degrees, which is great for sleeping. much quieter with the Climate Seal's™ installed, more so than the leaky triple-tracks were providing. Some visitors have actually commented how quiet the house is, when something is going on outside in the street. Overall we're very pleased with their performance and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anybody interested. My rebuilding of the primary windows along with installing the Climate Seal™ units makes a very effective and attractive.

From: Arno P. West Virginia: I would like to commend you and your company on the window project you sold us last December. The difference this has made in the operations of our buildings are beyond our expectations. When we negotiated the purchase of these windows, I was focused on the cost and payback which was critical to my budget. I was hoping for a five to six year payback considering this is a 62 year old building. To date, the savings on natural gas and electricity has exceeded $24,000.00 in the first five months. While I do not expect the Summer to generate this savings, I expect a payback of this investment of two and a half to three years. The tenants are very complimentary of the windows and like the sound-proofing that has occurred. They especially like the consistent temperatures that are present.

From: Donna D. New York: We purchased our home in spite of the fact that the windows were in rough shape. We met with several contractors and no one had as simple and inexpensive a solution as Climate Seal™. Add to that their superior customer service and what started out as a difficult problem ended up as a beautiful and fast solution. The folks at Climate Seal™ made the entire process easy to follow and gave me such personal attention that I would recommend them highly to anyone. And, the windows look wonderful.

From: Marcelina New York City, NY: Hello Climate Seal™ I recently installed a window in my bedroom with Dennis, one of your installers in the area and it works very well. I can sleep soundly now.

From: Matthew W. Boston, MA: The installation went beautifully. We are very pleased and will most definitely recommend these to everyone. Looking forward to colder weather for the real test. The clarity and immediately noticed noise reduction is great.

Thanks for all your cooperation and communication during this process.

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