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InnerWindow Maintenance


Cleaning InnerWindows is simple.  We recommend using an anti-static cleaner such as Brillianize Cleaner®. It is an anti-static cleaner/polish, which prevents electrostatic charge, leaves the surface clean, reduces scratching and finger marks, and repels dust.

Apply the cleaner generously with a soft cloth or chamois (we recommend WypAll®) wiping in a vertical and horizontal direction. Avoid circular motion. Wipe and polish until the surface is completely dry and the surface feels smooth. Do not use paper towels because they are naturally abrasive. Do not use ammonia based window cleaning fluids, such as Windex. To remove minor scratches, apply a thin coat of a good grade of automobile paste wax (not a cleaner/wax combination) with a soft, clean cloth to protect the surface of the acrylic sheet and maintain its luster. To remove grease, tar or paint, use good quality naphtha.


If you remove your InnerWindows for warm weather window access, we recommend storing each InnerWindows separately in a poly bag and storing the windows horizontally on their sides. This helps prevent scratching from dirt particles that may be present on the surface when the windows are stored flat and helps them maintain their shape.

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