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Historic Preservation

InnerWindows Preserve Distinctive Design

Windows are a character defining feature of many established homes and older buildings.  Made of old growth wood and distinctive glass, older windows exceed the craftsmanship available today.   Sophisticated lines, profiles and proportions of the original windows enrich the appearance of the building and add to its value.  A properly restored and maintained 100 year old window will likely last another 100 years.

Unfortunately, older windows present noise and energy challenges.  Many historic homes are located in urban areas where exterior sound can be troublesome.  In addition, the original windows lack insulation, often fit poorly in the window frame and are frequently distorted in shape and of unusual size.  InnerWindows address all these issues and will dramatically transform the original windows without impacting their beauty and distinctiveness. 

We custom design each InnerWindow to accommodate the unique attributes of every window regardless of its shape, distortion and dimensions.  Our unique air seal and flexible bellows system provide insulation and lock out air and noise infiltration.  In addition, InnerWindows are invisible on the outside of the building, complying with the increasingly common historic preservation modification limitations.

In historic Petersburg, VA, we installed InnerWindows throughout an historic home being renovated by Habitat for Humanity.  The window improvements are invisible from outside the home, thereby complying with local historic ordinances.  Inside the home, the InnerWindows blend in with the existing window frames. 

The impact on the energy efficiency of this home is dramatic. The U Factor was lowered from 0.89 to 0.45 which in effect cut the energy loss from those windows in half.  Infiltration was reduced over 16%, dramatically improving the comfort of the home.

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