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Frequently Asked Questions

My widows are out of square.  How will InnerWindows fit?

Out of square windows are no problem.  We measure with a sophisticated, computer assisted Pro-Liner system that gives us an accurate measure of your windows’ sizes and distortion.  We then create each InnerWindow to fit each space.  We are not a one-size-fits-all window company.

How long does it take to measure and install my InnerWindows?

It takes us a few hours to measure your windows using our Pro-Liner system.  When your InnerWindows are ready, we will install them in one day.

Won’t I get the same results with the $189 window replacements I see advertised everywhere?

Who knows?  We have seen no reliable test data on infiltration, the main source of energy loss.  Most of the inexpensive window companies use stock windows and cut your house to fit, rather that designing windows to fit your house.  How well they fit is a gamble.  The low-e and argon gas, which improve the thermal performance of the glass, are added on site by the installers.  We question how well that turns out. In addition, you won’t get the sound blocking or UV abatement.

Why do you use acrylic instead of glass?

Glass is a poor insulator and is very heavy.  By using high quality acrylic we achieve a much better cold air block and ensure that the windows are lightweight and easy to remove and store.

What kind of acrylic do you use?

We use Optix high grade acrylic by Curbell Plastics.  Curbell is known for their optically clear, durable acrylics. 

Click here for specs on Optix high grade acrylic, and Sunguard.

How hard is it to remove the InnerWindows for cleaning and warmer weather access?

It is simple to remove your InnerWindows. 

How long will it take to make my investment back?

Payback on your investment depends on the number of windows and their condition.  Naturally, the leakier your original windows, the greater the yearly savings with your InnerWindows and the quicker the payback.  Nevertheless, payback on InnerWindows is 75% faster than on name brand replacement windows.

How will the InnerWindows look from the inside of my house?

You will be amazed at how they blend in to your existing window frames.  Look at the photos on the “Basics” page.  In fact, it’s hard to show helpful photos at all because the InnerWindows are virtually invisible.

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