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Benefits of InnerWindows


  • Reduce Draftiness (infiltration of outside air)
  • Make “cold” rooms livable
  • Increase productivity of employees next to windows
  • Save energy by reducing the tendency of people to turn up the thermostat to compensate for draftiness.

Energy Savings

  • Dramatically improve the insulation value of your windows
  • Reduce Energy Costs in both the Winter and the Summer
  • Guaranteed FASTEST PAYBACK of your investment through energy savings
  • Reduces your carbon footprint and impact on the environment

Sound Proofing

  • Block out exterior noise for more comfort, more productivity, and less stress
  • Sleep Longer (both you and your children)
  • Block out the sound of traffic, noisy neighbors, etc.


  • Keep the historic and unique character of your old windows
  • Cannot be seen from the outside of the home
  • Protect unique shapes and stained glass that is too expensive to replace
  • Conforms to National Park Service and most Historical Society Guidelines


  • Reduce the fading caused by UV light by 80% with our standard series
  • Get Museum Quality UV filtering up to 98% with our SunGuard UV rated series


  • Eliminate damaging accumulated condensation that forms when moist inside air contacts
    the cold surface of your current glass.

Fastest Payback Guaranty

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