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The Basics & Science of InnerWindows

Windows are a huge source of lost heat and noise infiltration in many homes and commercial buildings.  The combination of glass, which is a poor insulator, and air leakage (infiltration) result in an uncomfortable interior experience.  To address the problem, there are two options: (1) remove the windows and replace them with a similar, newer version; or (2) dramatically improve the performance of the existing windows. 

InnerWindows are the best way to create a comfortable, quiet living space, decrease your energy bills and support the environment.  We don’t believe in removing your underperforming existing windows and replacing them with hastily installed new windows of questionable quality and performance.  That can simply create new problems.  We also believe that improving your windows should be affordable. 

InnerWindows pay for themselves in energy savings 75% faster than brand name window replacements.  At InnerWindows, we choose the prudent, green alternative of improving your existing windows by addressing their weaknesses in insulation and infiltration.  There is no window removal or related chaos and damage to your home or business.  The only result is dramatically improved comfort and energy savings.

InnerWindows are custom made to fit each existing window individually.  They are installed in front of your existing glass windows, creating a sophisticated air seal keeping cold air and noise outside and comfortable air in your home.  Using a computer assisted Pro-Liner system, our highly trained staff creates a computer model of each unique window.  High quality ¼ inch acrylic is then hand cut to each window’s unique dimensions.  We use acrylic instead of glass because of its strength, light weight and superior insulating qualities.  Next, the acrylic is fit into a custom built vinyl extrusion track system from Climate Seal.  The track includes a proprietary bellow system which creates a tight seal to the window frame by utilizing flexible bellows and commercial magnet strips.  The bellows expand and contract as temperatures change, maintaining the weather seal and eliminating infiltration.  The framing system is made of exterior grade vinyl designed to withstand harsh U/V light without becoming brittle or discolored.  The interior facing portion of the InnerWindow can be custom matched to any color.

InnerWindows are virtually invisible from both inside and outside the building and are easily removed for window cleaning and warm weather window access.

InnerWindows abate exterior sound by up to 60% and UV light infiltration by up to 85%.  In addition, we offer two enhancement upgrades, the Acoustic Upgrade and the SunGuard Upgrade, to better address excessive noise and to provide additional UV protection.  The Acoustic Upgrade blocks up to 80% of outside noise and is ideal for the baby’s room, bedrooms and windows facing the street. The SunGuard Upgrade blocks up to 98% of UV light to better protect valuable furnishings and artwork.  Upgrades can be applied to some or all of your InnerWindows.   

InnerWindows are dramatically different from traditional exterior storm windows.  Storm windows are made of glass and are mounted on the outside of the windows.   As such, they do not provide the insulation or the thermal barrier achieved with InnerWindows.  In fact, exterior storm windows are designed to protect your home from storms and the water that can enter through single paned glass windows.  They are not designed to keep your home comfortable and your energy bills low.

InnerWindows are the most effective and environmentally sensitive solution to your window challenges.

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